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    The American Legion Post 50 has a very colorful history, below you will read what we have captured since 1919 and hope to be enriching this information with your help. Should you have any additional information, Pictures, Citations and Letters please share them with us. Send email to
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1919 – 1969












For God and country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred per cent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the great wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state, and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and goodwill on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.

J. F. Wilkinson





It will not be possible to create a complete History of Leon A. Harper Post. Some vital records were not maintained for certain years. With the Post also being inactive for periods of time and authentic data not readily available, if available at all, makes this pleasant task one that we would like to complete one hundred per cent--but must, to create a true history, stick to available data.

As you well know, the American Legion had its inception in the minds of men of the A. E. F. while they were still in France. The plan of organization was formulated by the late Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and in his death in the 2nd World War, he being a veteran of the First, the American Legion lost one of its most ardent members.

The activities of the American Legion are many and varied but in none of its scope of activities does it ever attempt to dictate religious policies or political policies. These two outstanding facts should ever be remembered, nor should there ever be any attempt at diversion from these particular policies.

World War II will present to the Legion one of the greatest opportunities that has probably ever come to one organization or will ever come, in that millions of veterans will in time be available for membership and make for an organization, if directed in the better channels always that could maintain world peace for all time. Your right to belong is not only a high honor but a great privilege and opportunity. Treat it so.



About July 15, 1919, C. H. Moorefield and L. Traylor, veterans of the 1st World War set about to organize a Post of the American Legion in Crewe. With 13 other veterans they comprised a sufficient number to apply for a temporary charter. The temporary charter was issued on September 24, 1919.

The Charter Members were as follows:

C.H. Moorefield, H. L. Traylor, J. A. Berry, H. E. Weaver, W. M. Belcher, C. M. Jones, R. W. E. Mann, W. L. Austin, S. C. Roberts, O. J. Wood, O. W. Shorter, J. P. Fisher, Albert Bainbridge, and A. L. Jones.

These members met early in October 1919 in the old Town Hall and out of that meeting Nottoway Post #50, American Legion, Crewe, Virginia, was born. C. H. Moorefield (now deceased) was the first Commander and J. A. Berry the first Adjutant. They remained in office through the years 1919, 1920, and 1921.

Four of the Charter Members are still members.

Temporary National Headquarters of the American Legion at this time were in

New York but are not in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the State of Indiana has recently authorized Memorial Headquarters Buildings be erected, which when completed will rank along with most of the great buildings of America.

In keeping with American Legion tradition and in honor of the first Crewe soldier to make the supreme sacrifice, the name of the Post was changed to the Leon A. Harper Post No. 50 and the permanent Charter issued on August 20, 1920, carried this honored soldier's name. (Read about Leon A. Harper)

The years 1920-1925 saw the Post inactive as a Post but the 15 Charter Members continued to pay their dues and retain the Charter.

In 1925 Glenn Elliott visited Crewe and the Post was reorganized, with P. H. Farley as the Commander and C. M. Jones as Adjutant.

Eleven past Post-Commanders are still members –

N. W. Firesheets, J. A. B. Lowry, T. P. Harwood, C. M. Walsh, Jr., W. B. Carter, S. A. Johnson, L. W. Long, C. E. Eubank, P. H. Farley, L. W. Lunsford, and A. B. Cummins.

In the years when the American Legion Magazine was a weekly, Posts throughout the World were rated in classes "A" and "AA" Posts signing up the greatest percentage of eligible veterans were rated "A" and Posts signing all eligible veterans in their respective localities were rated "AA" Post No. 50 of Crewe was the first American Legion Post to attain the "AA" rating, which it held for two years.

A total membership of 66 was the largest until 1945 when membership reached 76 (at time this is written). The Post should expand considerably within the next year or so. It is of the greatest importance that all honorably discharged veterans be enrolled in the American Legion so, as Legionaires, they may carryon in future years, particularly as the older veterans pass on. We hope for the oncoming veterans that in their lifetime and their children's lifetime, there will only be peace on earth and goodwill toward peoples everywhere. You who are younger in years have the glorious heritage of being Americans and we beseech you to keep AMERICA-AMERICA, and by your fruits, show to all Nations that men can live in peace and thereby help mold a world peace that so many millions, in two wars, died or were crippled for life to try and make a reality.

In 1926 the Post ordered from the Metropolitan Flag and Decorating Company, Philadelphia, 25 flags for street display on appropriate occasions. In 1927, six additional flags were ordered. This number was supplemented from time to time until this year (1945), when it was decided that all the old flags should be replaced, it was necessary to get 76 new flags. The project was made possible by the securing of funds from all business men and women of Crewe and flags are now displayed in front of all business places in the town. We will have to deal in years, insofar as the accomplishments of the Post are concerned and from 1929, first year of authentic records, we begin the story of your Post.


Only two months records available for 1929. We find C. M. Walsh, Jr., Post Commander, and H. L. Traylor, Adjutant. Membership at close of year was 46, influenced the Boys Radio Club to sponsor the placing of, removing of, flags on days they were displayed. Sponsored the taking of the School Census, Crewe and Burkeville. Refilled First Aid cabinets at Crewe High School. Post won Special Citation for most distinguished service as of November 18.


Post Commander--C. M. Walsh, Jr.

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor, Jr.

Post supplied large flag for Crewe Hi-School. Post reached its quota of 50 members' February 22. Operated booth at Nottoway County Fair netting Post a return of $63.96. Delegates attended State Convention, Harrisonburg.


Post Commander--L. W. Long

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Visit from State Adjutant W. Glenn Elliott. Delegates attended State Convention, Clifton Forge

Poppies were sold on Memorial Day.


Post Commander--C. E. Eubank

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Delegates attended State Convention, Alexandria.


Post Commander--C. E. Eubank

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Department Commander visited with Post. Motion picture "The Big Drive" of World War I was shown in Crewe.

Delegates attended State Convention at Bristol.


Post Commander--L. W. Lunsford

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Delegates attended State Convention at Lynchburg.

New by-laws drawn up.

Aviation Circus held in Crewe.

Contribution made to Red Cross.

Obtained allowance from Child Welfare for child in Crewe.



Post Commander--L. W. Lunsford

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Erected Memorial Posts with appropriate plaques at cemetery. Sponsored play "The Treasure Chest." Netted Post $28.11.

Gift was received from Mrs. W. M. Harper, mother of deceased veteran Post is named for. Card of thanks sent to her, along with box of candy, Mother’s Day and inscribed "To the Mother of Our Post."

Obtained child welfare allowance for child in Crewe.

Delegates attended State Convention at Virginia Beach. Dedicatory exercises for Memorial Gates held on September 8. Sponsored presentation of suitable award to outstanding student at Crewe High School.

Medal to cost between five and six dollars. Won by Bobby Shell.

Received citation for most distinguished service.

Sponsored "Bright Lights Shows." Netted Post $56.50.

Received Community Service Citation. Donations of $15.00 and $5.00 made to

Athletic Clubs of High School.

Hospitalization was secured for one comrade.

Child welfare allowance continued for some Crewe children.

Post adopted budget plan for finances.

Crew filing cabinet purchased for Post.

Flag presented Boy Scout Troop.

Delegates attended State Convention, Roanoke.

Fourth District meet in Crewe Commander Vaughn presiding. Farmville, Blackstone, Hopewell, Amelia, Lawrence and Victoria Posts represented. Department Vice-Commander Lovelace, Department Adjutant Elliott, past Department Commander Bristow and National Committeeman Bob Crawford in attendance.

One and one-half tons of coal furnished widow of departed comrade.

Paid $3.60 for school books for indigent child.



Post Commander--L. W. Lunsford

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Hospitalization was secured for colored veteran.

Donated $10.00 for Playground Fund.

Donated $5.00 to Red Cross.

School Medal won by C. M. Walsh, III.

Ton of coal furnished widow of departed comrade.

Post netted $20.00 from poppy sale.

Delegates attended State Convention, Danville.

Netted $46.95 from play, "Spring Magic."


Post Commander--A. B. Cummins

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Department Adjutant Glenn Elliott installed new Officers.

Post rendered assistance to fund for furnishing noon lunches at school to underprivileged children.

Donation of $5.00 made to Garden Club for work at cemetery.

Ton of coal supplied widow of a comrade.

Awarded National Citation for meritorious service.

Donated $10.50 for purchase of school books for indigent children.

Assisted in getting Spanish War Vet in hospital.

Comrade J. E. Baily, Post Service Officer, pass on and burial was in Arlington National Cemetery.

Sponsored show "The Three Tobacco Tags." Netted $30.67.

Poppy sale netted $19.25.

Gerald Harbaugh won n School Medal for 1938.

Donated $6.50 for 4-H Club work.

Erected fire places at Community Playground. Cost of $23.20.

Sponsored Beauty Pageant Hi-School. Net $15.00.

Received Community Service Citation.

Comrade assisted in entering hospital for operation.

Christmas baskets sent to following families:

Verser, Moorefield, Clingenpeel, and Borum.


Post Commander--A. B. Cummins

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor.

Paid $2.00 for James Boisseau for meeting room.

Flag donated to New Municipal Building.

Legion Post assisted in Municipal Building dedication ceremonies.

Poppy sale netted $15.50.

Donation of $5.00 made to playground fund.
Donation of $5.00 made to 4-H Club work.
Post was presented a citation and photograph of Leon A. Harper by his mother, The Mother of Our Post.

Two volumes of a Picture Story "World War I," was presented to the Post by Comrade J. A. Ramsey, volumes entitled "Forward March."
Delegates attended State Convention in Richmond.

A comrade assisted in entering hospital for operation.






Post Commander--S. A. Johnson
Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Post donated $5.00 to fund being raised for Farmville Hospital.

Increased pension secured for widow of a departed comrade.

Child welfare allowances and other pensions still being received.

Drum and Bugle Corps of Martinsville, Virginia, presented a parade and concert on April 27.

Poppy sale netted $13.47.

Delegates attended State Convention in Norfolk.
Post netted $25.00 on "Old Dominion Barn Dance."
Awarded National Americanism Citation.



Post Commander--T. P. Harwood

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Donation of $5.00 toward purchase of candy for some children at Christmas.

Post Mother remembered at Christmas with basket of fruit and Christmas card.

Borum and Verser children remembered with Christmas baskets.

School medal awarded to pupil of Burkeville School.

Comrade assisted in entering Veterans Facility.

Drum and Bugle Corps organized with 41 boys and girls. All had purchased the instrument they wished to play. Post purchased 2 bass drums and 2 cymbals. Cost to Post approximately $100.00.Director R. L. Thompson chosen to direct corps.

Comrade Lunsford was appointed Chief Observer, Air Raid Warning Service, Comrade Harwood making the appointment as Chief Organizer for this district.

Committee appointed to collect aluminum for the war effort.

Donation of $5.00 made to 4-H club work.


Delegates attended State Convention at Arlington.

Assisted World War II veteran in entering government hospital.


Post Commander--T. P. Harwood

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Christmas baskets sent Borum and Verser children.

Also remembered our Post Mother at Christmas.

Comrades participated in the N&W Better Service Club meeting on November 6.

The play "Swing Out" netted Post $26.39.

Donations by Post and comrades of $12.00 made to Mr. George Eudailey when home burned down.

Post received the Annual Americanism Citation.

Post Mother reported very feeble and desired a wheel chair which Post assisted her in obtaining.

Post held funeral services for Comrade Guy.

Flowers sent Post Mother on Mother's Day.

A donation of $5.00 made to the USO.

Citizenship medal won by John Clemments, Crewe High School.

Poppy sale netted Post $56.63.

Post sponsored first dance at the USO, donating $10.00 to that end.

National Charter changed to permit membership of World War II veterans.

Delegates attended State Convention in Roanoke.

Drive was put on in Burkeville to secure memberships of veterans in that town.

Donated $5.00 for 4-H Club work.


Post Commander--T. P. Harwood

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Comrade P. R. Kelley passed away in November.

Legion participated in funeral services.

Received Annual Americanism Citation.

Post members and Post donated some medals and trophies to the scrap drive.

Means were provided for handling cigarette funds for purchase of same for overseas men.

Sponsored War Bond sales during June.

Mrs. Willie Harper, Post Mother, died July 14. Many comrades attended funeral services and Post had an active part in the services. Appropriate American Legion Floral design was furnished.

Poppy sale netted Post $120.19.

Donated $5.00 to fund for use of soldiers at Camp Pickett.

Post Commander Harwood elected Commander 4th District.

Donation of $25.00 made to cigarette fund.

Donation of $5.00 to Crewe and $2.50 to Burkeville for support of teacher of Bible Study in schools.

Comrade Cummins elected Vice-Commander, 4th District.


Post Commander--C. L. Knott

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Donation of $25.00 and collection of $58.27, total $83.27, included for cigarette fund.

Received Distinguished Citation, also Annual Americanism Citation.

An extra carton of Fleetwood cigarettes sent the Post were turned over to the USO.

Post received $86.31 from sale of poppies.

Delegates attended State Convention in Roanoke.

Amount of $15.20 turned in from cigarette bank at Nottoway Pond.

Purchased $150.00 worth of War Bonds from amount left in treasury of Drum & Bugle Corps.

Case of cookies donated to USO.

Remainder of 1944 and Post year of 1945 will appear at close of Post year.


Post Commander--C. L. Knott

Post Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

10 members received 5 year membership cards.

12 members received 10 year membership cards.

6 members received 15 year membership cards.

8 members received 20 year membership cards.

5 members received 25 year membership cards.

Post membership October 1944: 59

Contribution of $2.00 made to Christmas Fund on request for this amount from each Post.

Received National Citation for most Distinguished Service on membership.

Contributed $5.00 to March of Dimes campaign.

Contributed $5.00 to Red Cross War Fund.

Delegate chosen to attend Boy's State, to be held at VPI. Thomas Harwood, son of our Service Officer chosen. This was later cancelled as Boy's State was not held.

Names and addresses of over 400 servicemen were furnished Virginia Legioniarre so special service edition could be mailed out.

Post made $61.85 on dance held May 29, 1945.

Poppy sale $63.85 net to Post.

Raised fund of $22.00 to go in National Fund for purchase of playing cards for servicemen.

Representatives were presented at 4th District meeting in Hopewell.

Delegates attended State Convention in Richmond.

Donated $10.00 to Religious Education Fund.

Raised $254.50 for purchasing 71 new street Flags. Flags were first displayed Memoria1 Day.

Continued to send out POSTGRAMS, about 150 per month and some distributed at meeting nights.

Contributed $10.00 for truck rental for USO girls to take convalescents from Pickett on Hamburger fry at Goodwyn's Lake.

Membership as of October: 109

Balance in Treasury $458.41.

Bonds owned $150.00 (3 F-Bonds due in 1956).

Post Service Office assisted many veterans.

Remainder of 1945 and 1946 Post activities will appear at close of Post year in 1946.





Commander--J. F. Wilkinson

Imm. Past Commander--C. L. Knott

1st Vice-Commander--N. W. Firesheets

2nd Vice-Commander--R. H. Dixon

Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Service Officer--T. P. Harwood

Finance Officer--J. A. B. Lowry

Chaplain--W. H. Covington

Historian--J. F. Wilkinson

Sergeant at Arms--C. G. Rodgers

Membership & Publ--C. H. Dinsmore

The year above covers October to September.

The fine accomplishments last year and those before, made the year's work we are now covering really worthwhile in that through the efforts of many the Post made progress.

Highlights of the year's work follows:

Officers were duly installed in special ceremony by W. Glenn Elliott, State Department, Adjutant of Richmond, Virginia.

Three delegates attended State Convention held in Richmond, Virginia.

Post awarded National Citation for Most Distinguished Service for year 1945-1946.

Post awarded Post Activities and Americanism Citation.

Held Armistice Day dance--net of $57.68.

Held Christmas dance--net of $275.00.

Held Easter Holiday dance--net of $175.00.

Post realize~ $32.06 from poppy sale.

Post attained total membership of 180.

Membership and Entertainment Committees rendered very fine service.

Post by-laws were revised though not yet placed in proper form for distribution.

Sponsored soft ball league or 4 teams and contributed financially to its operation.

Remembered members and veterans in hospitals with boxes and cards.

Entertained 4th District Commander and his guests from Hopewell and Petersburg.

Post represented at Spring Conference in Roanoke.

Sponsored two high school students to VPI Boy's State, I. G. Turnage of Crewe and Sam Walker of Burkeville. Expenses $30.00.

Made contribution of $10.00 to General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., Library Fund. Building to be National Memorial to the "Father of the American Legion."

Awarded 2 medals--l to T. P. Halwood, Jr., Crewe, and 1 to T. R. Hamilton, Burkeville as outstanding seniors in their respective high schools.

Provided band platform for use of dance bands in gymnasium of the YMCA.

Post is on record as opposing any changeover in the staffing of the personnel at Piedmont Sanatorium.

Post donated $100.00 to Capital Investment Fund of the Community Center, Crewe, Virginia.

Cooperated with VALAR program of Army Recruiting.

Contributed $10.00 to furnish school lunches for children of family of a veteran.

Held out-door picnic (hamburger fry) Nottoway Pond with approximately 50 present.

Post owns one $100.00 F-Bond due in 1956.

Two $25.00 F-Bonds due in 1956. Post now has the sum of $661.00 in its treasury.

Two objectives were advanced during the year, neither of which could be started. Post Home and lighting of athletic field at stadium.

Many sound reasons can be advanced for the coming year projects for consideration.

The Service Officer had one of his most active years. His service to veterans, members of Veterans families, Legion members, without regard to race or creed, no doubt will number in the hundreds of cases handled, most to a satisfactory conclusion.

Contributed $15.00 to 4-H Club work in Crewe.

Post maintained its record of notifying its membership by card of each meeting during the year.

Meeting quarters were secured during the year in the RR YMCA building. Later, secured more favorable quarters in the Community Center.


Commander--L. H. Wilson

Imm. Past Commander--J. F. Wilkinson

1st Vice-Commander--C. W. Scott

2nd Vice-Commander--Tay1or Jenkins

Adjutant--H. L. Traylor

Asst Adjutant--Haro1d Dinsmore

Finance Officer--J. A. B. Lowry

Service Officer--T. P. Harwood

Asst Service Officer--C. L. Knott

Chaplain--F. B. Handley

Historian--J. F. Wilkinson

Sergeant at Arms--C. G. Rodgers

Membership Chairman--W. G. Carter

Publicity Officer--Robert Dixon

The year above covers period October to September. The year being treated saw your Post move on to greater accomplishments than, possibly, any year in the many that have passed since the Legion first began its work of service.

The Post had a cash balance on October 1 of $660.89, expenses for the year amounting to $965.80. Commander Marshall Geohagen of Victoria Post inducted the officers for the year.

Assisted many veterans in filing applications for Terminal Leave Pay.

Post is owner of one $100.00 F-Bond, due 1956.

Post is owner of two $25.00 F-Bonds, due 1956.

Post held two dances, one in November 1946 and one in January 1947.

Post held Christmas Party on December 16, 1946, with large attendance of members, their wives, and sweethearts.

Post authorized tonsil operation expense for a child whose parents reside in the country.

Observed Past Commanders Night at first meeting in January 1947.

Fourth District Commander paid visit to Post at meeting of January 2, 1947.

Post contributed $115.00 for equipment for boy's basketball team and $35.00 for equipment for the girl's team.

Remembered two veterans who were confined to hospital with gifts.

Post cooperated in a Booster's Day for the High School baseball team.

Post purchased lunches for children of a veteran to the amount of $10.00.

Expenses paid by Post of two boys, one from Crewe; one from Burkeville, to Boy's State, held at VPI. Expenses amounting to $30.00.

Outdoor picnic held for Post membership during June 1947.

Made donation of $5.00 to each 4-H Club, Burkeville and Crewe.

Post joined in the annual poppy sale.

Post sponsored Barter Theatre showing in Crewe September 1947. Would also sponsor a March 1948 engagement.

Post was represented at District Conferences, Mid-Term Conferences, and State Convention.

Sponsored Carnival which netted Post $362.52.

Post had a member elected to the office of Sheriff, Nottoway County.

Post went on record as favoring Universal Military Training. Sponsored 15 minute radio program on this subject, over local station WSVS.

Members of the Legion, VFW and War Mothers held Memorial Day services with firing squad from Camp Lee taking part.

The Legion here formed a corporation to secure G. I. houses for veterans and several such houses were purchased and have been erected in Crewe.

The Post presented to the outstanding boy student of Burkeville and Crewe High Schools, medal for their achievement. Expense $16.57.

While we do not yet have a Post Home, the quarters provided for our meetings in the Crewe Community Center Building have been excellent and to the management goes the thanks of the membership.

The Post closed the year with a treasury balance of $724.78 and own the three bonds as mentioned elsewhere in this document.

An organization of any kind is no better than its record of service and service to veterans, regardless of membership, race, color, or creed, is the foundation stone of the Legion. The Post's Service Officer seldom gets much rest from his many duties as such. To him we pay honor as we feel Post 50 certainly has a record of great service to veterans of our community.

May Post 50 go on to even greater service as the years come and go.


$30.00 donation to Cr ewe High School Library for chairs.

Profit from carnival May 6: $278.29.

Received ten rifles and three bayonets for firing squad in March (stored at high school).

In March a special meeting was called.

Purpose—the VFW was raising funds for erection of a club house and asked Legion to consider the idea and join them in this project. A committee was appointed to study and work with the VFW. (Schaubach Bros. donated about two acres of land back of REA). This land was officially deeded to the Nottoway County Veterans Housing Corporation.

Two Boys sent to Boy’s State.

Membership: 123.

Poppy sale netted $110.59.

Sponsored two Barter Theatre plays.

Carnival George Smith Show--Legion sponsored and split revenue with VFW, netted $244.50 for each organization which was turned over to building fund.

$100.00 pledged to Crewe Community Center.


$10.00 contribution to March of Dimes.

April 18-25, sponsored a carnival. Legion and VFW again split revenue, each received $599.00.

Membership: 100

Two boys sent to Boy's State.


Carnival October 3-8, 1949. Legion and VFW split revenue, each received $430.12.

July 20, 1950, first meeting held in New Rocky Ford Veterans Club, ½ mile west of Crewe, Virginia.

Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Membership: 72


Carnival September 25. Legion and VFW split revenue with Legion portion of $275.50 turned over to Nottoway County Veterans Housing Corporation.

One boy sent to Boy's State. Burkeville did not send a representative.

Membership: 79


One boy sent to Boy's State.

Membership: 87


Lynwood H. Wilson was elected 2nd Vice Commander of 4th District.

One boy sent to Boy's State.

Membership: 92


One boy sent to Boy’s State.

Membership; 94


One boy sent to Boy's State.

E. C. Ellett, Jr. elected 4th District Vice-Commander.

Membership: 89


The Post contributed a chair to the War Memorial Building in Richmond, Virginia, cost $25.00.

A ham and egg supper was served in conjunction with the November 17 meeting.

November 13, 1955, representatives of Post 50 attended the American Legion dedication of the memorial building at Blackstone, Virginia, in a very impressive ceremony.

There was a special service Sunday morning, November, in remembrance of Veterans Day at the Episcopal Church.

In 1955 Post 50 was awarded the American Citation by the Americanism Committee for service to the community;

Several Christmas baskets were sent to needy families.

The Post kicked off March of Dimes Drive with a bond fire of over 100 old Christmas trees at the Crewe ball park, January 3, 1956.

The Post Christmas meeting was a Christmas party which included the attendance of a large group of Blackstone Legion Auxiliary and Crewe War Mothers.

Membership goal reached by Veterans Day, November 11.

Membership: 87.

Commander Reverend John J. Howard, Chaplain of Post 50, was elected Department Chaplain for State of Virginia. The February 16, 1956, meeting was primarily a civil defense meeting sponsored by our Post for the State of Virginia and Nottoway County Civil Defense Coord. Major Joseph Memmick, USAF Air Command, Douglas L. Moore, Assistant County Agent of Nottoway County, spoke on Nottoway County's role in civil defense. "Gus" Hagburg, Civil Defense Coordinator for Nottoway County, spoke on what Nottoway County is doing at this time and what it expects to do in the future on civil defense. William M. Marsden, Civil Defense Chairman for Post 50, was in charge of the evening program which attracted exceptionally large crowd.

Mrs. Julia Fanshaw was awarded the American Legion Citation for Meritorious Service for operating a ground observer post when she had completed a total of more than 1800 hours as a spotter.

A flag pole was erected in front of our Veterans Club Building.

Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.

Miss Barbara Jones of Burkeville, Virginia, represented Post 50 in the oratorical contest held in Crewe High School February 28. She won second honors.

Membership: 143


Post purchased USA and Post flags at a cost of $112.00.

Commander L. H. Wilson was appointed a member of the National Law and Order Committee and Comrade Howard was appointed to the Rehabilitation Committee.

The Post raffled a Ford Car that was drawn for September 8. Won by William C. Burgess of Narrows, Virginia. The profit of $1,157.66 was used to pay off two bank notes on the building fund.

The name of the Post Home was changed to The Veteranaire.

Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.

Started bingo Thursday nights, twice a month.

Dues were raised to $5.00 in August 1957.

Reverend John J. Howard was elected to Department Commander, this being the first time a Clergyman had served as Department Commander.

Lynwood H. Wilson, 4th District Commander and Department of Virginia, Judge Advocate A. B. Cummins, 4th District Adjutant.

Membership: 145.


Legion and VFW Post 7819 together raffled a boat and trailer away at REA. Annual meeting. Net proceeds $998.00. Applied on building fund.

Sunday, February 9, 1958, Post Legionaires attended services at Crewe Baptist Church in a body.

Bingo profits down to $378.00, therefore causing decision to discontinue.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.


Donation of $20.00 made to Crewe Emergency Squad.

Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.

Membership: 117


Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.

Post 50 Monthly Meeting night changed from third Thursday to third Monday night of each month, at 8 o'clock.

A womanless beauty contest was sponsored by Leon A. Harper Post 50 February 18. A net profit of $308.00 was realized.

The Post flag was changed to include 50 stars representing the addition of two states.

Membership: 109


October 31, 1960, a Halloween masquerade party was held at the Post Home for all members and families.

Post 50 sponsored a ball team of Nottoway Little League Baseball for 1961. Cost $200.00. Comrade Herman M. C. Camm will manage the Legion team. The Legion team won the championship in their league.

A buffet dinner was served March 17 in celebration of the Legion Anniversary at which the members' continuous membership cards were presented. Also a silver cup was presented to Adjutant Herbert L. Traylor for his years of service to the Post.

Two boys sent to Boy's State.

Two girls sent to Girl's State.

Five members qualified as "Go Getter" and received the awards for same.

Membership: 135


At the 4th District Convention in Petersburg, Virginia, 1. G. Turnage of Post 50, Crewe, Virginia, was elected one of the Vice-Commanders of the 4th District. We received the award for going over our quota in membership and celebrating Legion Anniversary.

Many teenage dances have been given over the years.

The Post will again sponsor the Womanless Beauty Contest (October 12).

Flags were purchased for and furnished to the schools.



1931-1932 L. W. Long

1933-1934 c. E. Eubank

1935-1937 IJ. W. Lunford

1938-1939 A. B. Cummins

1940 S. A. Johnson

1941-1943 T. P. Harwood

1944-1945 C. L. Knott

1946 J. F. Wilkinson

1947 L. R. Ivilson

1948 A. T. Jenkins

1949 Drury W. LaNeave

1950 J. M. Jones, Jr.

1951 P. L. Jenkins

1952 Edwin B. Old

1953 R. D. Jenkins

19514 Donald T Hudnall

1955 J. H. Wilkinson

1956 E. C. Ellett, Jr.

1957 C. O. Dalton

1958-1959 Hugh C. Jennings

1960 Ollie L. Carter

1961 I. G. Turnage

1962-1963 George Verser

1964 Robert Dixon

1965-1966 Robert Vanarsdall

1967 Howard Roop

1968 Harold Dinsmore

1969 Frank Smith

1970-1971 Howard Roop

1971-1972 Charles (Chuck) Weaver

05/29/1991 to 08/20/1993 Homer Mitchell

08/20/1993 to 05/30/1995 William Spencer

08/08/2005 09/07/2005 Ingo Haas

09/07/2005 to 07/31/2007 Greg Eanes

06/22/2011 to 6/16/2014 Bill Rohr jr.

6/16/2014 to 6/15/2015 Jimmy Thetford

6/15/2015 to 12/31/2017 Ronnie Maason



J. M. Berry (Roanoke)

J. H. Flippen

C. M. Jones

H. L. Traylor (1929)

Harold Dinsmore (1961-1971

R.L. Bob Covington (1971-?

Ingo Haas 05/30/1995 to 09/22/1999

Ingo Haas 09/22/1999 to 09/07/2005

Homer Mitchell 09/07/2005 to 08/22/2006

Carolyn J. Whitmore 07/31/2007 to 06/22/2011

Bill Rohr  06/22/2011 to 09/23/2011

Paul Hill III 09/23/2011 to 5/18/2015

Ingo Haas 5/18/2015 to 5/15/17


This URL will take you to the rich collection of scanned documents and old photographs that have been collected over the years. Some might not be accurately described and if found inaccurate please advise us by selecting this email link and any additional information and corrections will be greatly appreciated.





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